Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer video game from the creators of Clash of Clans and set in the clash universe. The game stars the Royales, star troops, elixirs and other elements from the clash of clans universe. Players from around the world can be duelled in real-time and the victor goes away with the loser’s trophies. There are new features like building card collections to upgrade characters, building spells and defences. Forming a clan to build your battle community and also sharing cards and CR free gems are also new features of the game that has outdone the original Clash of clans with regards to online downloads.

Winning a battle in this addictive game can be very hard since your opponent also fights back in real time. Thus creating the need to build offenses and defenses, as well as have the right strategy to win the battle. The few tips below can help you on your way to winning battles in Clash Royale –

• Spend your gold and CR free gems wisely. Always take advantage of the daily chest that players get for free every four hours.

• Upgrade mainly the troops and elements you always use.

• Use spells as many times as possible.

• Not rushing to attack, and if possible, not attacking first, especially when playing against people with higher level troops.

Getting free gems on Clash Royale is a lot easier than winning an actual battle in the game. There are online sites which offer CR free gems and also ways to hack crash Royale that gives you access to unlimited gems and coins. These can be used in the game to buy the best cards that will help you upgrade quickly and defeat more powerful enemies, allowing you to rise to the top a little effortlessly.

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